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Roodo is an app designed to inspire and support children in the adventure of reading! Roodo focuses in offering a platform where reading becomes a fun and engaging learning activity.

Meet the team!


"My favourite books are about adventure! I love to be surprised by new characters and then been able to choose what they do! I also really like books about family, it reminds me of mine!"


"My favourite books the comedy ones! I love learning with funny characters and with games, that's why Im always reading comic styled books with a lot of illustrations!"


"My favourite books are the nature! I love learning about animals and their homes, my favourite animal is the cheetah because is so fast. I also really like when books have actual photos of real animals."

Check out our features!

Choose any book you like

Roodo offers a extense library full of a books to choose from. The app offers features to save books to read later as well as bases its recommendations on your personal preferences to facilitate your search.

Choose the ending of books

Roodo offers the unique feature where the reader is able to choose the ending of the book. You decide where your favourite characters goes and what action to take. Become part of the story!

Learn new words

Roodo helps you learn new words and pronunciations. If you would like you reading buddy to assist you with a simple tap he will be at your disposal! he will help you with meanings, pronunciations and also hints to gain rewards.

Gain and collect medals

Roodo helps you keep track of your progress and to motivate you to achieve your goals. You will also be able to collect medals and sticked from your favourite books.

Check out our reviews!

Marc Smith

"It is really fun using the little characters in the app! I love how they all have different personalities and I can use them."

Sarah Lewis

"I love how I can choose what my favourite characters do! And I also enjoy that I can always go back and change my decisions in case I want to see the different possible ends."

Teresa Soto

"My favourite part is that I can save all the books I want to read later! And also the stickers I can collect in my profile."

Download Roodo

Use of the device requires downloading the Roodo app. It is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.
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