App Design

An app designed as a companion to the AllerPets smart allergy sensor, created for children to stay safe by having an extra layer of security that can detect food allergens and help parents manage their allergies on the go.

Having children with several allergies can be very challenging,
How can parents be sure that their kid’s meals are safe for them?


For children
The product needs to be appealing, playful and educational. It needs to change the experience of having an allergy from being intimidating, confusing and boring to approachable, informative and fun for the children.
For Parents
The app needs to clearly inform a series of details about their children's allergies. It needs to display if an allergy was detected by the device, what allergy and the time of the incident. The device, as well as its companion app, need to offer an extra layer of protection for both parents and children against allergies.


Receive, View, and Track Scan History
Users will need to know the results of their children food scans as well as be informed of any alerts that might have detected.
Users will be able to journal and keep a detailed log of any important information in regards with their children allergies.


The process started by laying out the screens and features that research indicated to be necessary. The sketches show some of the ideas that will be present on the fully developed prototype.


After compiling enough information, we developed a digital copy with the necessary elements. The screens were fully developed before adding the final style guide.

Site Map

Style Guide

The theme of the project is nature and  animals, this will help children feel less intimidated by an allergy device and will make the experience more approachable. For that reason the primary color is green and the accent color is blue. The app design is mainly monochromatic to keep the focus towards the information and its hierarchy.

Final Product


We developed a series of marketing material that could be found in doctor offices or medical centres. The idea was to expose our product to parents who would potentially benefit from Allerpets.


The website is the first step of the process. It allows Users to create an account, customize their device and select the style of each elements the kit includes.


Once the device was purchased from the website, it would automatically include a kit withe everything needed for children to be able to manage their allergy. The kit came with a case for the epi pen, cleaning caps, a wireless charger, the device and its case. The idea is to provide all the necessary tools in a friendly way to help and encourage children to use this extra layer of protection from their allergies.


The main purpose of the device was to inform its users if the tested food was allergen free. The first idea was to use green for allergen free and red for allergen detected. However, in order to take in consideration accessibility design we added audio cues as well as different shape that represent the scanned results.

Companion app

The last part of the project was creating an app that would help the device's functionality. This Allerpets app targets parents in order to help them stay informed of their children allergies, major events, any any alerts that might need them to take action. The goal was to give them peace of mind while helping them with the process.