Facial Recognition

Campaign Driven Design

Here is a website that offers users a glimpse of some of the advantages and disadvantages of the use of Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition.

Is it worth it?


To create awareness about facial recognition technologies for users to understand the impact that it has on them and formulate an opinion around its use.


AI technology is being use in a wide variety of contexts, with and without user's consent. This website offers a detailed description of both the benefits and disadvantages of the use of facial recognition technologies through real life scenarios. This way, users are able to critically think and form their own opinion about its use.


This project started by laying out sketches of website screens. I experimented with some of the visuals that will support the information. The sketches show some of the ideas on how  users will navigate the website.


The next step was to illustrate and explore different visual styles. Initially there were two different palettes being considered, as well as different representations of the concepts explained in the information presented.


Once there was enough information, the copy was further developed and the elements were placed in their assigned locations. The screens were fully developed before applying the final style guide.

Style Guide

The visual identity was mainly focused on effectively informing the audience. Because of this, illustrations were a big part of the project as they heavily support the information. They also make the learning experience more engaging for the users.

Final Product


What it is Facial Recognition? How does it work? These are some of the question that the Home page aims to answer. In order to effectively inform users, context need to be provided to achieve a better understanding of how facial recognition technologies benefit and affect us.


Facts! On this page, the website explores all the information about this technology. Who is using it, how does this affect different communities and what are some of the reasons certain parties are interested in collection this personal information?


Lastly, after exposing all the facts regarding facial recognition practises there is a call for action for the user. The intention of the website is is to promote critical thinking so that users can make their own decision.