Branding Design

FreshCity is a rebranding project inspired in the Toronto based company Fresh City Farms Inc. The goal was to develop a conscious approach to Fresh City’s branding to visually represent its values and commitment to customers as well as the environment.

Use the corporate identity to create a meaningful connection with the consumers, as well as atract new ones


Unify Fresh City’s identity by creating consistent design across platforms to cultivate a deeper relationship with costumers. Focus on the marketing that new costumers may encounter, to create awareness of the importance of conscious shopping as well as what it entails for the planet. Design a branding system that can facilitate and motivate the customers, to interact and engage with all the products and services offered by Fresh City while having an enjoyable experience.


The sketches aim to explore different ideas that can represent the personality of the company, environmentally conscious, young and connected with their customers. The initial idea involved geometrical shapes in order to achieve a more abstract and versatile feeling. However, the playfulness of the typographic approach seemed to suit better the brand.

Digital Version

The typography was specifically designed for the identity of the company. The letters and their shape represent the playfulness and friendliness connection of the company with the consumers. The selection of colours represents the different lines of products that the brand offers to customers, as well as reflect how versatile the company is in its branding.

Logo iterations

During the exploration for the final logo, there were different variation in order to implement the different colours. Initially they were supposed to be squares that would be animated with motion. However, this ideas where too complicated and took away the attention from the typography. For that reason the colours were directly implemented in the letters themselves.


A series of different applications for the brand identity were developed with the objective on achieving a cohesive feeling that for the costumers.

Visual system

The typeface Optima Nova was chosen for all the text used to represent the brand. This styled sans serif typeface was selected to bring contrast to the expressive costume sans serif used in the logo. The Palette was created to connect with their customers in a personal level as well as to represent their vibrant and involved personality.

Final Product


Brand MAnual

The brand manual  explains in detail the appropriate use of the brand guidelines in oder to present Fresh City Farms successfully to its audience.