Creative exploration for clients and side projects
Packaging design for Ixcocoa, An innovative brand that explores flavour and culture to create a unique chocolate experience.
Illustrations purely out of my imagination when I have free time!
Special collaboration with Kázkara, a delicious Ecuadorian coffee brand based in Toronto.
This foldable brochure was  created to bring awareness about the precarious situation of sea turtles and their ecosystem.
SukuSuku, the place to find the perfect succulent for you. With delicate and minimalistic branding, they differentiates themselves in a competitive and crowded market.
Farm to table, freshness it’s what matters. Freshcity is conscious brand that uses bright colours and bold typography to represent who they are.
We are the pillars, is a revolutionary campaign that seeks to bring awareness  about the struggles of the working class. With bright colours and bold branding they aim to get all the attention.
Delicious food and affordable prices, that is Kara Gourmet. With this friendly but polished branding Kara Gourmet brings the best to your table.
Vegan leather, beautiful design, sophisticated feeling. Millma is here to change the handbag culture with their delicate but fearless brand identity.
Salty is innovative swimwear company. With a modern and minimal identity that focuses on sustainable clothing.
Kamimo is a young culinary brand. With this bold and playful identity, Kamimo offers easy and delicious snacks for family and friends to enjoy.
Resilient mom is all about supporting moms during childbirth. This identity focuses on connection and trust. Using a wholesome palette and a expressive logo, they tell their story.
Climate change is no news, this spread aims to bring attention once again to this concerning issue we all face.
&CO. Magazine emerges from the ambition of combining controversial and impactful issues in society with art and design. The goal is to inspire, empower and inform the audience by using tools such as expressive typography, conceptual photography and color.
This brochure for Meganetics aims to help and support patients in their search for their right physician while reinforcing their brand identity.
This playful and inspiring brochure for Schwinhub, brings joy and hope for their patients as well as all the information they need.
This app was designed as a companion to the AllerPets smart allergy sensor. A device created for children to stay safe by having an extra layer of security that detects food allergens and help parents manage their allergies.
Banking should be easy and Moolah+ knows it. This web app is designed to facilitate all the financial needs a user can have.
KOREM, a luxurious night moisturizing for all skin types. Looking to share their amazing product with this website to advertise their launching event.