App Design

Roodo is an app designed to inspire and support children in the adventure of reading!
Roodo focuses in offering a platform where reading becomes a fun and engaging learning activity.


How can we support children in their reading learning process, while engaging them with an interactive user experience?


An app designed to combine a variety of engaging content with a set of tools to support children when reading. The app offers a wide variety of books with interactive options, a reading assistant as well as a reward system in order to continuously motivate children to learn.


Library and Reading Assistant
Users will be able to access a variety of digital books with reading support, to improve their learning process.
Interactive Reading
Users will be able to choose the possible paths that characters take in the book, allowing them to access different endings to their story.

Site map

user scenarios

The ideation phase began by creating the flow charts to visualize the interactions that users will perform when using the different features offered by the app.


The design phase began by creating the low and then high fidelity pages of the app - based on our user flows and feature list.

Style Guide

The app UI was designed to create a playful and user friendly feeling for children to be engaged in the reading experience.


Key Features

The app prototype was created to be tested with volunteers in user testing sessions.


Roodo offers an extensive library, full of books to choose from. The app offers a save books feature to create a list of “read later books”. The“Recommendations” section in the app can be customized with the user’s personal preferences to facilitate searches


Roodo offers the unique feature where the reader is able to choose the ending of the book. The users decide where their favourite characters goes and what action they take. The users are able to become part of the story!


Roodo helps users learn new words and pronunciations. If they would like their reading buddy to assist them with a simple tap, he will be at their disposal! He will help them with meanings, pronunciations and also hints to gain rewards.


Roodo helps users keep track of their progress and to motivate them to achieve their goals. Users will also be able to collect medals and stickers from their favourite books.