campaign focus Design

Campaign focus design allows us to bring awareness to things that matter. I created this informative piece with the objective of educating the public about the current challenges that sea turtles face, as well as some of the things we can all do for this cause.


How can we create awareness about the drastic decrease in sea turtles' population?


A campaign driven design that creates awareness about the many challenges faced by sea turtles, as well as the necessary actions to decrease our impact on their population. As part of the campaign there is an informative animation that was developed to be used online for this campaign.


I experimented with different characters to play a role in the story for this project. It was important to show a variety in the species of turtles in the sea. I then broke down the information in panels to fill the folding poster.


The next step was to illustrate and explore different illustration styles.I started by laying out the information and using placeholders in order to better understand the positive and negative space distribution in the piece.


For the Animation, the process started by creating a story board that translated the information in the poster to a digital format. I organized the information across different frames in order to create a storytelling narrative.


I used Adobe After Effects to create an animation for this Campaign. By using several layers, I was able to animate around two minutes of information for this Campaign.

Style Guide

When creating the Visual Identity for this Campaign, the main focus was to call the audience to take action. The idea was to create a piece that would provide an engaging experience for the target audience.

Final Product

Front & Back

This project is heavily illustrated with the intention of grabbing the public’s attention and engage them in the story. For that reason, the front and back cover are an illustration across both panels, with a simple title to invite the audience inside the pamphlet.

First Panel

Where do we start? Well, in order to better understand the challenges faced by sea turtles, it is important to understand more about them. A couple of facts on them, like the different species of sea turtles and their population are provided.

Second Panel

The information in this panel was divided into two sections: A call to action and the importance of sea turtles in the ecosystem both above and under the sea.


To emphasize the need to act to the audience, the back poster explains some of the most dangerous threats that sea turtles face during their life time. This design allows campaign volunteers to use this side to post information to further bring awareness to this very important issue.


For the digital part of this project, I decided to create an animation that could be shared in different platforms. I added a voice over as the principal source of information, while the imagery works as visual support for the audience.