App Design

The main goal for the app is to help local businesses by creating an app to consolidate e-commerce orders and help with overall inventory management. Additionally, Béo would also help handle the logistical aspects of product delivery, with a reduced ecological impact.

How can we help small-businesses struggling to compete in the current e-commerce boom?


When customers place an order on Beo, the stores receive and then fulfill the order, and our couriers at Béo will pick-up all the completed orders and take them to the shipment facility nearby for quick delivery. From there, the orders will be delivered to the consumers who ordered the products. The app we are building is the app for small retail business owners.


Receive, View, and Decline Orders
Users will need to know what orders have come in to be able to fulfill them in time for the courier pick up.
Inventory List
Users will determine the inventory they have for sale and upload it to their online store to then be purchased by consumers.


We then created personas based on our target users; store owners and independent artisans.

Site map

user interviews

We interviewed local businesses owners to better understand their needs. Through insight mapping we identified trends between the interviews:

Most interviewees identified expenses to be the main challenge of running their business and to delve into e-commerce.

Social Media Ads
All interviewees used some form of social media marketing to boost their sales - primarily Facebook and Instagram posts.

Most interviewees valued and prioritized their relationship to their customer, as well as their communities.

Unique Items
Most of the interviewees reported that they sell primarily unique products.

Most interviewees had assumptions about who their average costumers were. Contradicting currently available data -such as which demographics shop online the most.

Most interviewees reported performing most or all of the tasks for their businesses and typically have their attention divided between many tasks

Most interviewees were very likely to have access to a tablet, a desktop computer, and a mobile device, though all interviewees reported having access to a any given time.

user scenarios

We began the design phase by creating low and then high fidelity pages of the app - based on our user flows and feature list.

Visual system

The app UI was designed to instill trust and confidence in business owners.

Final Product

Key Features

We are currently conducting user testing of the app with business owners.

Receiving & Viewing Orders

Businesses need to know what orders have come in to be able to fulfill them in time for courier pick up. The app receives and displays incoming orders and its details onto the screen for reference.


Businesses will determine the inventory they have for sale and upload it to their online store to be purchased by consumers. The app generates an editable list of products that the business is currently offering.


Business are able to offer sales and advertise their products to their Béo’s store’s followers and share these sales with their social media accounts. The app allows businesses to select certain products and create a promotional discount for those items.

Sales Analytics

Businesses will be able to see the trends regarding their products in a simplified form to help them derive business insights. The app visualizes relevant information into easily digestible insights - based on data from past orders.